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The art of carving coins dates back to the 18th century. When the Indian Head, or Buffalo nickel, was introduced in 1913, it became popular with coin engravers.
One story is that a hobo would carve a nickel and then trade that nickel for whatever he needed at the time. Food, lodging or a ride to his next stop or "jump".
My Great Uncle spent time on the hobo trail riding the rails. It's an honor to keep that tradition of the hobo nickel alive.
2013 marks 100 years of the Buffalo Nickel and 100 years of carved Hobo Nickels.

I am listed as one of the Associate Producers of "A Nickel and a Nail - the Original Hobo Nickel Story" movie by Adam Leech. Be sure to check out the movie trailer to the right and don't forget to get your copy today.

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Jay L. DeBoer

OHNS Life Member #1282

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